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Fastfold Energy provides short and long term leasing of solar generators.  Originally built for the military, our plug-and-play battery generators provide reliable power whenever and wherever you need it.  We deliver our generators to you and pick them up when you're done.  We use our mobile solar array to charge our batteries meaning all of the energy we produce is renewable.  If you need a longer term solution, we can deliver our mobile solar array to you to giving you a total renewable energy solution.  

Compared to an equivalent diesel generator: 

  • Offsets 2.7kg of Carbon Dioxide every hour 

  • Produces no noise pollution 

  • No additional costs for fuel 

  • Can be used inside or outside 

  • Environmentally friendly 

  • Water resistant and robust casing 

Fastfold Energy provides short and long term leasing of solar generators.  You can utilise the system over a longer period by hiring our mobile solar units. If you just need reliable back-up for a short term event (for example one or two days) then we can deliver a fully charged battery unit to you and pick it up when you're finished. Our simple pricing model means you can budget for just what you need.  Contact us today to discuss your needs. 

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