Instant electricity
whenever and wherever you need it 

Advanced mobile generators, powered by the sun. No noise, no fumes.


- No fumes
- No noise
- Suitable for indoor / outdoor use

- Works instantly. No engineering required
- Water resistant military -grade mobile generator

- 10KwH of electricity on one charge (what's this?)

Working out your needs?

Our generators charge continuously from our mobile solar array but we can also deliver them to you as individually fully charged battery packs.  

Each unit gives you up to 10 Kilowatt Hours (KwH) of instant electricity, to use however you like.  
To work out how many Kilowatt hours you need, simply multiply the Kilowatts that your device uses by the number of hours you will need it for.  

For example, if charging a mobile phone uses 5 watts (0.005 kilowatts) and you wanted to charge it for 4 hours. 0.005 X 4= 0.020KwH
So you could use our system to charge up to to 500 phones in one day.  Here are some other examples; 

10 Medical Ventilators 

You could power 10 medical ventilators for 20 hours with a single charge. 

Light bulbs 

Run 50 light bulbs (40 watts) for 5 hours every night on a single charge.

Laptop Charging

Charge 50 laptops for three hours each in one day, on a single charge.

COVID 19 Response

Fastfold Energy | COVID 19 Commitment

"There are times access to a reliable electricity source is vital. With load shedding affecting us here in Zambia at the same time as the COVID19 outbreak, energy companies have a responsibility to respond. 

That's why we are offering one hundred days of free use of the Fast fold energy system to organisations in Lusaka who are responding to COVID19.  Click here for details